About Alphafemme

You can contact me at alphafemmesf [at] gmail [dot] com.

Some facts:
– I don’t know much about myself. It’s a constant struggle for me to figure out who I really am, what I really want, what kind of direction I want in my life. Writing this blog is part of my mission to find all that.
– I DO know that I am: queer, (alpha)femme, in love with mi’lady, currently living in San Francisco and not planning on leaving anytime soon, employed at a day job that I don’t care much about, struggling intermittently with co-dependency and depression, having great sex, intellectual and curious, a book nerd, just-shy-of-radically progressive, prone to fretting.

If you somehow manage to a) find my blog, and b) relate to my writings, please do say hi.  I promise I won’t bite.

Unless you want me to … ;)



  1. eek biting femmes

    lol ;)

  2. Just saying hi as instructed. Love the alphafemme identity. Think I’ll scoop it for myself (and give props when it’s due). Seems to fit and I too had been struggling to find something that “fit”.

    • Thanks for saying hi! And please do scoop it for yourself. I’m glad you find it fits. Maybe someday there will be a large contingent of us… :)

  3. Hey Alphafemme, Came across your blog about a week ago and have been enjoying it. Thanks for sharing your experiences with the rest of us; it’s interesting and great to read in the morning to put off work a little longer:)

    • thanks for commenting, and glad you’re enjoying it! I really should be posting more often… I’m afraid I haven’t been providing you much morning reading material this past week. whoops!

  4. I stumbled across your blog about a month ago, and something about your writing hits me in the gut. A lot of the things you say sound like they could have spilled out of my own head. I enjoy reading this, so I thought I might as well say hello. :)

    • thanks so much for commenting. you don’t even know how much it means to me that there are people who relate to me through this blog!

  5. […] About Alphafemme Posted by: alphafemme | November 23, 2009 […]

  6. Howdy do.

    Alphafemme, love it.

    You sound like me, minus the queer and the short hair.

    Life is muchly hard.

    And depression, eh?

    My long time lover – never stops bloody calling.



  7. hey girl.

    a (femme) friend turned me (also femme) on to your blog a couple weeks back and I am doling it out to myself in small doses (it’s finals time for me).

    your voice and your experiences resonate with me on an incredibly deep level, so much so that I find myself having to physically distance myself from your writings sometimes- it’s a very uncanny, “how did she write something that I’ve THOUGHT before??” kind of feeling. It’s a good thing! But sometimes I’m totally taken aback by it and the level at which it gets me thinking.

    Anyways, thank you. Self-examination in any form is courageous, and your blog does it so eloquently.

    Solidarity, sister.

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