Posted by: alphafemme | January 20, 2010

rainy season!

Okay, I need y’all’s help. In the raging storms we’ve been having over here, my trusty umbrella is now … officially dead. It actually snapped in the wind.

Which means NEW UMBRELLA TIME! I’ve posted this poll on twitter too, but since not all of you are on twitter/follow my every move, and yet I URGENTLY NEED your opinions too, I decided to post the poll here as well.

I’ve whittled it down to three options, and these are they (click on the picture for the link to the web pages for these lovely specimen).

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

Exhibit C:

So, what do you say? A, B, or C?



  1. Well, darling: THIS is the flip-side. But we’re totally on the SAME side, no doubt. ;) Ok, you’ve presented a VERY difficult decision! Here’s my favorite umbrella…I think. You could also Go Gay and sport a Rainbow Umbrella. I call that Undercover Lesbian. Or maybe just Less Femme Invisibility. Or maybe lots of people wear rainbow umbrellas and I’m just being lesbo-centric again! Bwahahaha! Yeah, probably the latter.

    • oh my, I love that umbrella!!! I might get that one for mi’lady. (the blue skies one, that is.)

      • Good, because that’s my favorite umbrella too, so much so that I went looking for it before I saw that Ms.(?) Punk had already pointed it out.

        I also like this one:

        I realize I miss the closing of the polls, but whatever.

  2. A! I’ve seen lots of patterned umbrellas, but that’s one I’ve seen that’s unusual without being blatant! It will make people do a double take. “Wait, did I just see…?” *grins*


  3. Definitely C!

  4. I definitely think you should go for A. It is classic, but has such great flair with the shape! However, umbrellas are a great opportunity to express yourself and have a little fun. They bring something bright and cheery to an otherwise drab day. But A is the best of your top 3 choices!

  5. Definitely A!

  6. totally B.
    it’s so damn cute!

  7. I like B, personally. I am reminded of a funeral when I look at A. Sorry. And C is cute because I love Westies, but do you have one? Do you want one? I don’t get dog themed stuff personally…Not much help, right?

    I’m sure whatever you decide it will be fabulous!

  8. I like A! As capitolfemme wrote, it’s classic, and I like classic.

    That said, I looove Undercover Punk’s favorite umbrella, that’s just awesome.

  9. If you can trust a butch’s opinion (ha ha), I like A because it’s a nice twist on a classic and appropriate for any occasion (including a funeral).

  10. Exhibit A! Classic, stylish, totally what I would buy :)

  11. I say C! Cute and Quirky without being crazy!

  12. Thanks SO MUCH for all your input! The advice is seriously, seriously so helpful. The little comments in favor of each one helped me get a better understanding of what was behind each option. (Am I taking this too seriously? Definitely not.)

    SO. I went with B. I know a lot of you are going to be “NOOOOOO” and in fact, it was a very tough decision that ultimately boiled down to three things:

    1) Style
    2) Money
    3) Durability

    So each one got points. A got 2 points for style, and 2 points for durability = 4 points. B got 1 point for style, 2 points for money and 1 point for durability = 4 points. C got 1 point for style and 2 points for durability = 3 points.

    So it was down to A and B, and while I LOVE A, love it, I think it’ll have to go on my wish list, because I just couldn’t justify spending $50 more for it.

    Plus, B is totally cute. :)

    But… A is definitely going on my wish list. Too bad my birthday isn’t until August. :(

  13. Love the points system! When doubt, construct a scale of direct comparison and quantify!

    (Please accept my apologies for not voting as requested, I got carried away in sharing my excitement about beautiful umbrellas!)

    • Well the umbrellas you shared were delightful!! I seriously seriously love the blue skies one. So cute. It’s now on my radar…

      And I might, at some point, have to get a rainbow umbrella too. A bit overstated for most of the time, but sometimes (Dyke March anyone?) just *perfect*.

  14. oh my, i know i’m running late, but “a” is the most lovely umbrella ever (not that i fault you for your decision; that is a hefty price tag)

    • I know, it’s gorgeous! Classic, but feminine and elegant. I don’t know if you noticed that the handle comes in different colors too… Just beautiful.

      I know it’s silly to own multiple umbrellas, but I’m seriously lusting after that one.

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