Posted by: alphafemme | November 30, 2009

one year

Our little Thanksgiving vacation was perfect, in every way.

I neglected to mention before that it doubled as a celebration of one year of being together. One year! And I only love her more. I look at her sometimes in sudden shock, like how did I get here? What did I do to deserve this? What on earth, in my life, put me right here, in this moment, looking at this person next to me and feeling so overwhelmingly in love? It doesn’t cease to amaze me. The fleeting moments of “is this real?” immediately followed by the surge of warmth when I know that yes, it is. I love her. She loves me.

She slipped into my hand, one day. “I’m a hand bottom,” she said. Her hand sneaks into mine from behind, so my arm leads. “Well, I’m a hand top,” I said, “so we’re perfect.” “I also prefer holding hands with my left hand,” she said. And I like to hold hands with my right. Like a puzzle our hands fit together, the pieces are different but they match up.

What is this miracle that puts two people together and makes them love each other?


  1. Congrats! It’s wonderful to revel and bask in it – glad you are doing so.

  2. aww! i love the part about hand-holding. so sweet!
    congrats on one year!

  3. It’s my first anniversary with my girlfriend too! Your words are the perfect description, and really, the perfect question as well.

  4. There is nothing more beautiful than love. I’m so happy that you have that. Happy 1 year!!

  5. Congratulations and best wishes for the next many happy years in the future. Loved the hand story, very sweet.

  6. Congrats on the one year! You two sound like a good match and that makes me smile.

  7. Congratulations!! I do know that feeling – tomorrow is our 1 year anniversary! Isn’t having something real just magnificent!?!!

  8. Sorry I’m late, I’m just catching up. Congrats on the one year girl!

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