Posted by: alphafemme | October 26, 2009

this week’s goals: October 26, 2009

I know, I know. I missed last week. But one of my goals from two weeks ago was to post at least twice before my next goals post, and since I’d only posted once, I just decided to skip that week’s goals. PLUS, I had more interesting things to write about.

So, did I meet my goals from two weeks ago?

1) Cook a good meal for myself (others could be there too) at least once. Doesn’t matter which meal.

Check! When my friend A was here with her fiance, we cooked a delicious meal on Friday night. Tortellini with an apple, walnut and parmesan sauce. Stewed green beans. And baked apples for dessert! I LOVE cooking with apples.

2) Have sex before mi’lady leaves on Monday.

We had a few hours on Sunday evening, finally, which was really lovely. We went out to dinner first and had tapas — I’d been at work all day and she’d been working on music, so we needed to unwind and transition into relaxation mode. Then we went back to her place and had sex :) It wasn’t the best sex, though, to be honest — I was feeling queasy and tired (I worked 16 hours on Saturday and then 9 hours on Sunday), so I wasn’t in the best sex space. We went to bed shortly afterwards and I woke up two hours later and was ill. I think from stress. :( But at least that explained why I was queasy during sex. Regardless, though, this goal was met!

3) Post here at least twice between now and next week’s goals.

I kind of cheated here by not actually posting last week’s goals. So I have posted twice (actually 3-4 times I think) since my last goals post, but I had to skip a week of goals in order to do that! Oh well, last week was so crazy busy anyway (work is KILLING me) that it was just as well I didn’t have any goals to focus on.

4) Be aware of my brow being furrowed and consciously take the few seconds whenever I notice it to relax my face — my brow, my jaw, my tongue, my eyes.

I did really well at this! And now I’m in the habit of checking in with my face and seeing whether it’s tense. Turns out it often is, but even just the act of consciously relaxing my brow, loosening my jaw, and lowering my eyes is sort of like a mini-meditation. Multiple times a day. It’s great. This will be an ongoing thing for me, definitely.

So, this week’s goals:

1) Stay hydrated. I’ve been getting awful dehydration headaches lately. So at work, this means that my goal is to re-fill my water glass every two hours. On a normal work day, this would mean four glasses of water. Definitely a good place to start.

2) Complete a full GRE practice test.

3) Write a letter to my aunt, who really really appreciates gestures like that.

4) Eat breakfast at home at least one day this week (weekend doesn’t count). After last Sunday, when I was throwing up all night, I’m starting to take much more seriously the idea that eating in the middle of a stressful situation is bad for digestion. I am absolutely convinced that the reason I got sick was that that weekend, every meal I ate was while I was working.

And that’s enough!


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