Posted by: alphafemme | October 26, 2009

in which I welcome mi’lady home and get to practice femme

It was the best welcome home she’s ever had, she said.

After all my thinking and processing last week about my femmeyness, I allowed myself to just revel in it. I spent all day Sunday preparing for her to come home. I booked a Zipcar to pick her up at the airport when her flight came in at 6. (Typically we would just take BART, and I had told her I would meet her to help her carry her stuff home… the car was a surprise!) I got my nails done in the morning (fingers and toes!)–short, a little bit squared, bright red polish. Paraffin wax, so my skin was silky smooth. I’d gotten a fresh legs and bikini wax on Saturday, so that I’d be ready and smooth for her. I planned out Sunday evening’s meal, bought the necessary ingredients on Saturday, and brought them over to her place on Sunday afternoon to begin prep before her flight came in. AND, on Sunday morning after the manicure and pedicure, I went to my favorite lingerie boutique in San Francisco, Dollhouse Bettie (they specialize in vintage and pinup lingerie), to make sure her welcome home would be *extra* special. (Dollhouse Bettie’s website doesn’t have a link to the piece I bought, so I found a link to it elsewhere instead. It’s got gorgeous detailing, and I got nude seamed nylons instead of black ones because I really wanted the basque to speak for itself. With these shoes and my full-sleeve black leather gloves from Doncaster, this is a stunning get-up.)

And it was such a wonderful day, from start to finish. Waking up and knowing that I was going to be getting my nails done, going lingerie shopping, cooking, and seeing/fucking mi’lady for the first time in a week was such an amazing feeling. I don’t think there’s anything I’d have rather done on a gorgeous Sunday. Seriously. And it all went off without a hitch.

The only thing I think could have gone smoother was cutting the pumpkin. Pumpkin soup was one of my menu items (and as SOON as she saw it she was really, really excited… she loves pureed vegetable soups), but I’d forgotten how ridiculously hard it is to cube and peel a raw pumpkin. SO HARD. I wrestled with it for a good hour. But it was so ridiculously worth it. It was really, really good, if I do say so myself. And the recipe is really simple — really all that’s in it is pumpkin, onion, a tiny bit of garlic, bay leaves, a bit of orange rind, butter, vegetable stock, and a tiny bit of milk. I garnished it with fresh chives. And that’s it. The best part though? Was mi’lady telling me that the pumpkin soup she’d had earlier that week at an upscale restaurant in Boston with a client “wasn’t even half as good as yours. Well okay, maybe half. But seriously, only half!”

The other menu item was risotto with leeks, spinach, white wine, and a little bit of plain yoghurt. I love cooking.

The best part of everything was that she just felt adored. I love that. Love it. It turns me on and makes me stand up straight.  I’m doing what I do best, what I love to do. Fuck yeah.  From getting picked up by me at the airport in a car, to having dinner planned and prepared to the AMAZING fucking hot sex we had, it was the best welcome home she’d ever had. And I’m responsible for it :)


  1. Totally cheering you on over here – good for you!

    • the only thing that would’ve made it better is if we’d had her place totally to ourselves, because then I could’ve COOKED in the basque and heels too. sadly, her roommate was in and out. next time… ;)

  2. Sounds like an amazing welcome home. Sometimes it’s nice to miss the one you love. Makes seeing them again even sweeter.

    • Yes, that’s SO true. Not having her around was a real reminder that I really *like* having her around. And vice versa.

      It was a pretty sweet evening :)

  3. Sweet! Sounds like an awesome welcome home. And sex after not seeing someone for a week – hot!

  4. I need to tell you that Dollhouse Betty is my favorite store, ever.
    And I loooove playing at being a housewife.

    It’s quite possible that we’re Internet twins.

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