Posted by: alphafemme | October 14, 2009

this week’s goals: October 12, 2009

While I’m at it, I might as well procrastinate a bit more and do a This Week’s Goals.

Here are last week’s:

– watch my Netflix movie that’s been sitting around since the beginning of September (Million Dollar Baby, I’ve been meaning to watch it forever because I’m kind of obsessed with Hilary Swank… especially if she’s all tough. ::swoon::)

I did this! I did this! Yay! Thursday evening I had a “Me-vening” as mi’lady dubs them. I left work early(ish), put on my jammies, and popped in the movie. I haven’t watched a full movie in… I don’t know how long.

– finish reading the biography of Buddha that one of the attorneys I work for lent me

Didn’t really finish it, but read about as much as I was interested in. I was much more interested in how Buddhism originated, what brought the Buddha to the place of beginning his preaching, than I was in the actual preaching(s) itself.

– go to yoga again

:( Nope. Work got in the way. Sigh. And the weekends don’t have as many classes, for whatever reason. BUT! I did play tennis on Sunday with one of my friends! So I did get some quality movement!

– ride my bike to work one day!

Also didn’t happen. It will happen soon. But again, my work schedule didn’t even permit me the chance to buy a bike light, and since it’s often dark when I leave work, it’s absolutely imperative that I have a light and some reflectors. So until I get a day where I can leave at 5 or 5:30, this won’t be able to happen. :(

– finish preparing my grad school applications master to do list

Um, grad school? What’s grad school?

So, not so much success this week. But I think the most important things were the quality time (movie) and the movement (tennis), so all in all, I did do good things for myself last week.

This week’s list comes TWO days late. Ugh. But I need to be less ambitious this week since (a) it’s already well underway, and (b) I’m busy at work so need to be realistic about what I can manage outside of work.

1) Cook a good meal for myself (others could be there too) at least once. Doesn’t matter which meal.

2) Have sex before mi’lady leaves on Monday. (Okay this shouldn’t really be a goal, because it will obviously happen, but if I make it a goal hopefully it will be really good intentionally making time for it sex. As opposed to the spur-of-the-moment-it’s-kind-of-late-but-let’s-do-it-anyway sex, which is also great, but is overwhelmingly the kind of sex we’ve been having in the past few weeks. And which to me feels more rushed.

3) Post here at least twice between now and next week’s goals.

4) Be aware of my brow being furrowed and consciously take the few seconds whenever I notice it to relax my face — my brow, my jaw, my tongue, my eyes.

And for this week, I think four goals is enough. Let’s do this!


  1. I find myself putting sex on my goals/to do list too. It’s just too hard when schedules are hectic. While I enjoy spontaneous sex the most, it would never occur if we didn’t talk about it and plan it in. Such is the consequences of an adult life I guess. No more four day weekends and little homework… college days are long gone.

    Also, what kind of graduate program are you interested in? Don’t let it slip if you really want to go. DO IT! The application process is overwhelming but the reward is well worth it.

    • What’s ended up working well for us is planning for longer sex (like roping off a Sunday afternoon) and then having spontaneous quicker sex (generally at night when we’re in bed). But my *favorite* kind is the un-planned long kind. For us, that’s about once every 2-3 weeks, and I find that’s pretty perfect.

      So, grad school… I’m most interested, I think, in public policy master’s programs. What’s tough for me (and probably why I’m dragging my feet on it) is that I don’t really want to leave San Francisco, and there aren’t that many options here for MPPs. Basically, my options are UC Berkeley, which is really tough to get into, and then Mills College has a program. Problem with Mills is it’s a fairly new program AND it’s a private school, so it’s more expensive for less of a known outcome. So, I don’t know. I also find myself drawn to the masters in cultural/social anthropology program at CIIS here in San Francisco, but I have to do some more soul-searching I think. In any case, I REALLY need to get on this. Like, stat. I haven’t even asked any old profs for letters of recommendation yet. Sigh.

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