Posted by: alphafemme | October 8, 2009

Friday, 10/9 in SF: Heavy Rotation by ArtXX!!!


I’m interrupting my normal broadcast for a PSA!

GO TO THIS PARTY! It will be awesome. Why?

1) It’s at El Rio. And with winter looming up ahead, everyone and their mothers should be at El Rio on a Friday night to enjoy the patio.

2) It’s for ArtXX magazine, and the cover is only $5. ArtXX is seriously sweet, if you don’t know anything about it, please go to its website, and buy the issue. The art is radical and by/for queer/trans/artists of color/seriously awesome people.

3) The music will be sweet. I know one of the bands is Elle Nino, bay-area based queer/synth funk band — the lead is a dyke, and she’s got 3 guys backing her up. (I love it when guys back up girls in music. Pretty rare in the music industry.) Their music is amazing and they’ve got great chemistry and stage presence.

4) Big Moves will be coming through!! In their words, “Big Moves is the only producing, training, and service organization in the world dedicated to getting more people of all sizes into the dance studio and up on stage.” AWESOME.

Basically, pass the word along to anyone you know in SF to come support this magazine and the awesome work they’re doing on getting underrepresented art out there. And pass the word along to anyone not in SF that they should either:

1) Move to SF and go to this party, or
2) Go to and BUY THIS ISSUE!

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