Posted by: alphafemme | October 6, 2009

this week’s goals: October 5, 2009

(Okay, shh, I know October 5 was yesterday.)

Let’s first briefly go over last week’s goals:

– bake something desserty (ideas: red velvet cake, snickerdoodles, chocolate chip cookies) and split three ways to send in a care package to my brother, my sister, and my dad

I sort of did this. I actually baked twice — on Thursday and then again yesterday on my mental health day — but I haven’t sent anything to my family yet. I’m not sure frosted cupcakes are the easiest thing to send in the mail, but I’m going to see about getting some tupperware containers and packing ’em tight.

– do my laundry (easier said than done)

Yes! I finally did this yesterday! I don’t know if yesterday really still counts as part of last week. I think it doesn’t. But the point is I GOT IT DONE.

– vacuum the apartment

No ifs, ands, or buts, I actually accomplished this one! Within the proper timeframe! Except that the vacuum cleaner broke halfway through. So I swept the rest of the carpet. With a broom. Yep. It worked though!

– go to a yoga class

I meant to do this on Friday, but couldn’t leave work in time. So, I went yesterday, on my mental health day. I really need to do this more often.

– drink a cup of tea every day, and drink it slowly while doing something relaxing (reading, taking a bath, watching a movie, chatting with my roommate or mi’lady…)

Fail. Utter fail. I didn’t even do this on Monday night, the first day. I was at work until midnight that night and then just went straight to mi’lady’s place and crashed. Tuesday I worked until 10 and then came home and made tea but fell asleep before I even drank any of it! I think I actually successfully made tea AND drank it WHILE doing something relaxing all of two nights. But hey! Two is better than zero.

Verdict? There was an awful lot of last-minute cramming (yesterday…). But it all happened. Success! I think I’ve learned that when setting goals like drinking tea, I should start with something like “make tea and drink it while doing something relaxing 3 nights this week.” A bit more realistic.

So. This week’s goals:

– watch my Netflix movie that’s been sitting around since the beginning of September (Million Dollar Baby, I’ve been meaning to watch it forever because I’m kind of obsessed with Hilary Swank… especially if she’s all tough. ::swoon::)

– finish reading the biography of Buddha that one of the attorneys I work for lent me

– go to yoga again

– ride my bike to work one day!

– finish preparing my grad school applications master to do list

And that about does it. This weekly goals thing might just become a regular feature here. Let’s just hope I don’t have to take a mental health day every Monday in order to accomplish everything.


  1. I am totally enjoying your goals. Baby steps, baby steps towards relaxation.
    And Hilary Swank being tough is something I think about waaaay too often.

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