Posted by: alphafemme | September 20, 2009

new look?

So, I kinda don’t like the look of this website right now. But I also don’t really like any of the other WordPress themes. The problem is, I’m not a web designer and I really don’t have much time right now to delve into the thicket of CSS and all that. (I don’t even know if CSS is what a re-design of this page would require.)

Does anyone have any clue how I might re-design here so that it’s more personalized? My OWN theme? Or knows of an easy crash course in WordPress theme design? Or can direct me to someone who would know?


  1. The best way to personalize a blog quickly and cheaply is to pick a layout with a customizable header and upload your own image. That’s what I have always done using pre-made WordPress templates and it helps it feel a little more reflective of the blog rather than leaving it looking like everyone else’s.

    • oh, I didn’t realize there were layouts with customizable headers. I’ll go poke around and try to figure that out. thanks for the tip!

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