Posted by: alphafemme | August 15, 2009

family vacation

I’m off with my family for a few days — the parents and two siblings and aunt and uncle and cousin and I are all going up to the Sonoma coast tomorrow morning. I won’t have internet, so I won’t be back here until Wednesday.

Quick tidbit, though. We’ve all descended on the grandparents in Palo Alto until heading up the coast in the morning. This morning, my grandma, in what she thinks is a concealed whisper, says to my sister:

Psssst. Do you think Alphafemme has THE BULIMIA???

To which my sister says, no, gram, she just eats well and exercises.

But she looks so GAUNT!

I do not look gaunt, people. I’m 5’6″ and I weigh 130 pounds. That’s a healthy, normal weight. Also, my grandma just saw me three weeks ago. And told me that the skirt I was wearing made me look chubby.

FAMILY, y’all.



  1. Oh man… that made me laugh!

    • Haha, thanks, I’m glad it made you laugh!! It definitely made my sister and me both crack up when my grandma said it… “THE BULIMIA???” Oh man.

  2. Ah the joys of family.

    • Tell me about it. My grandmother alone could provide fodder for many a stand-up comedian.

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