Posted by: alphafemme | August 13, 2009

the moments of good

On Tuesday, mi’lady surprised me!

She hid this in my wallet:


I found it when I was getting my morning coffee, and nearly shrieked with delight. I’ve never actually been surprised like this, ever. I’ve never had a surprise party thrown for me, I’ve never gotten any unexpected gifts or messages or anything! I mean I’ve gotten presents on my birthday and whatnot that were surprises, but they were surprises that I knew were coming. So a completely unexpected surprise is totally new to me. So I nearly shrieked. I think my heart did shriek :)

I found myself getting strangely nervous as the work day was closing and it was time to leave. I’m not quite sure why; I think it’s because I’m very much a control freak, and I always like to know exactly what’s going on. I like to be prepared, I like to be able to manage myself. I don’t like that the consequence of this trait is that I seem pretty unspontaneous and inflexible (I’m not really, I swear!), but I think it has to do with vulnerability, again. I just need to have control. Not necessarily control over (like another person), but just control of myself. So not knowing where I was going or what to expect when I got there was… nerve-wracking.

But it was also fun! Apparently it can be fun to relinquish control and just let whatever happens happen. I left my office a tiny bit late, around 5:55, and got to my destination around 6:05. I knew as I approached the address exactly what it was — it was the Starlight Room, the top floor lounge of a hotel in San Francisco where the waitstaff wear evening gowns and tuxedos and Frank Sinatra is a background to fancy cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. I got in and the hostess said, “are you meeting someone?” When I nodded yes, she led me around a corner to a table where mi’lady was waiting, looking suave and all pleased with herself. She just looked so beautiful and sexy sitting there, and I just felt utterly happy.

The champagne and Grand Marnier made me tipsy, and her peach julep made her tipsy too, but we still managed to get home and have delicious awesome sex afterwards.

And then we lay nestled together in bed, planning our upcoming trip to Puerto Vallarta together. Sometimes, life knows exactly how to be good.



  1. This is the best. I want this. I’ve always wanted a treasure map scavenger hunt of love and cuteness. So cute! Your lady is becoming more and more awesome every post.

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