Posted by: alphafemme | August 7, 2009

I feel like a wound-up wind-up toy of sex.

That is today’s answer to the question, “Hi, Alphafemme, how are you today?”

You’re probably like, “what is THAT supposed to mean?” To which I say to you: remember those wind-up toys from when you were a little kid? The ones with the little crank-axels, that you twist and then when you let ’em go, the little duck/car/dinosaur/kid-on-a-bike starts whirring around whatever surface you let ’em go on until they peter out? Today I feel like someone’s wound me up with sexual energy and now they’re mocking me by holding the crank in place. And they’re not going to let go UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT. Tomorrow night being, you see, the next available chance for me and mi’lady to fuck.

This is an incredibly uncomfortable feeling. It started winding up, really, last weekend, when we kept not having time to really have satisfying sex. And then it kept winding when my friend came from Portland, which is keeping me and mi’lady apart until tomorrow night when he leaves. And it wound up to a point of discomfort last night, when mi’lady’s band played an awesome show at Sub-Mission, where they had this incredibly stage chemistry, really amazing energy, and were just unbelievably hot. And when I was getting ready to leave afterwards with my friend to go home to get some sleep (work, yawn), mi’lady pulled me aside, whispered in my ear “I want you to come home and fuck me so bad” and kissed me intensely… and it was all I could do to not jump her on the spot. I didn’t, I restrained myself, but it took some major centering and deep breathing to do it.

And then this morning, at work, I get this email:

ughhh i’m so horny. i just want to roll around on my bed – or yours – with you. mmm i just want to feel you on top of me, sliding into me, fucking me, then making me come really hard. then i want to lick you and make you moan and fuck you harddd …

Here’s what I have to say to that:

Baby, I can’t wait to grab the back of your neck and kiss you hard, and feel your slick wet pussy and slip into you, open you up with my fingers and tease your clit and then fuck you hard with my stiff cock… and then before I make you come I’m going to make you watch me make myself come. And you’re not allowed to do anything except watch, and while you’re watching, I’m gonna touch your clit and bring you close, but you’re not allowed to come. And then after I make myself come, you’re gonna fuck me, really hard, because I want to feel you filling me up and making my body buckle, like it’s not mine anymore because you have control over it. And then you’re going to be so wet and so turned on and so desperate to come that I’m gonna slip my cock right into you, all the way, I love the way it fills you up, and I’m going to fuck you until you can’t take it anymore, until you’re begging me to please make you come, and finally I will, because I can’t say no to you and mostly because after all, making you come is what makes your pleasure mine. Baby that is what I’m going to do to when I see you.

…which isn’t going to be until tomorrow night. FUCK ME. (Yes, we send each other these kinds of e-mails at work. Yes, it’s really really naughty. Yes, that’s part of what turns me on…)


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