Posted by: alphafemme | July 18, 2009

procrastinating, because I Hate Packing

I’m in the throes of packing. It really must be said that I HATE PACKING. I hate it with a deep, profound loathing. Something about it just seems so… inefficient. Because as soon as I get there? (there being only a half an hour away) I’M JUST GOING TO HAVE TO UNPACK EVERYTHING AGAIN. I’m putting my entire life in boxes, only to know that in less than 24 hours, I will already be taking it all out again. I wish there were a way to just, I don’t know, do a “select all” of my entire house, and then just cut&paste into the new place. THAT would be efficient.

So now I’m procrastinating.


Mi’lady is home! She returned Thursday evening; I met her at the airport. We slept at her house that night. Or rather, she slept; I had an early-morning EEG, which I was forbidden from sleeping before. I guess brain abnormalities  are more pronounced on lack of sleep. So I took Friday off of work and went back to her house to nap. She didn’t go to work either on Friday, since she’d gotten home so late the night before. So she worked from home, I slept, and it was just really nice. I mean, it wasn’t nice that I had to stay up all night Thursday, and it wasn’t nice that they forced me into seizure during my EEG, and it wasn’t nice that I felt so crappy all day yesterday, but it was nice to be back with mi’lady, and she was really sweet to me all Thursday night and Friday. The distance was good for us — as I wrote earlier in the week, a little bit of space helps to affirm a relationship. It gave me the time to realize I am, in fact, still me, still an individual, so I can go back to our relationship feeling just plain happy to be with her. Now I just have to be careful to maintain that — and not slip back into feeling like an alloy.


Okay, packing. So far packed:
living room
spare bedroom
most of my bedroom (minus things I need tonight, computer stuff, and lamps)

Still need to pack:

The kitchen’s going to be the bitch. Sigh.


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