Posted by: alphafemme | March 13, 2009

How my life is taking over my life

I have not written in a while. This, you see, is because I have been completely occupied with the following two things:

1) Girlfriend.
2) Work.

Number 1 I like a lot. Number 2 I am not such a big fan of.

There were lay-offs at my firm back in January; luckily I was not among those laid off. However, every pretty white puffy cloud has a black lining (is there a better idiom for that? I’m pretty sure I just made that one up) and now that there are fewer staff, I am working more. Compensating for those who are now gone. Of course, I get paid over-time, so when I work a 90 hour week (for realz), at least I get approximately 398723 times more money on my paycheck than usual, considering the bountiful overtime compensation here. HOWEVER. It sucks up a helluvalotuvmytime. And honestly? I’m sick of it. In fact, I’m applying for different jobs. We shall see what happens, though I’m bracing myself for nothing much, because of the assinine economy and the fact that everyone and their mothers are all looking for (better) jobs.

The girlfriend (hereafter to be referred to as mi’lady :)), however, is a completely different story. Sometime in January or early February, we finally decided that we were “girlfriends.” Our official first date was November 29, though, so we count that as the beginning. Which means it’s now been… 3 1/2 months. And it’s been awesome. I’m falling in love with her, folks. Here are some of the things I love about her:

1) She has disarmingly beautiful eyes.
2) When she brushes her teeth, she gets toothpaste ALL OVER her mouth.
3) She calls me “baby,” which none of my other girlfriends have ever called me. In fact no one’s ever called me that. Turns out I like it.
4) She’s a sexy musician :) Sings and plays guitar in a sweet electro-funk indie band.
5) She has long, willowy hands. I love love love hands, they’re my favorite body part.
6) She is SO good in bed. SO good. SO GOOD. Did I mention that she’s really good in bed?
7) She makes me laugh. A lot.

And I’m going to stop there because if I keep going I’m going to get too involved in it and I will have a list that is 197892 items long, and obviously that is kind of boring for everyone who is not the one dating her. Which would be everyone but me.

The point is, I’m happy with her. And I’m excited for the future, excited about knowing her in and out, about fucking in new and exciting ways, about becoming best friends. About travelling with her (we are already planning a long weekend to Mexico!), playing music with her, reading books with her, going on bike escapades with her, writing a lesbian TV show that is way better than The L Word with her…

So I’m keeping busy. However, I would really like to not let my life get the better of me, and I would like to continue to document it here, just because I like it. There’s something kind of intriguing and exhilarating and simultaneously unnerving about sending my life to the Internet. Somewhat akin to sky-diving.?


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